the Limbourg brothers gebroeders Van Limburg
gebroeders Van Limburg

Design: LaVerbe

In service at Burgundy

Johan and Herman Limbourg, the nephews of Jan Maelwael, arrived in Paris at the instigation of their uncle. They learned metal-smithery under the tutelage of Alebret de Bolûre. Following an interim stay in Nijmegen, they returned to Paris in 1402, after being held hostage en route. Sometime later their brother Paul joined them, apparently also at the invitation of their uncle Jan, who had managed to get them a commission from Philip the Bold.

The three brothers entered the service of the Duke and worked in the home of his personal physician on a Bible Moralisée, a beautifully illustrated manuscript that consisted of a moralised interpretation of the Bible, which, once completed, included more than 5,000 miniatures. Unfortunately, Philip died before this ambitious project could be completed; the brothers never got beyond the first three books, in which they produced about 384 miniatures.

gebroeders Van Limburg