the Limbourg brothers gebroeders Van Limburg
gebroeders Van Limburg

Design: LaVerbe

To Paris and Bourges

It is possible that Paul Limbourg was involved in decorating the Bicêtre Castle near Paris, one of the many buildings that Jean de Berry had commissioned to be built or restored. Unfortunately, this castle was later destroyed during a peasants' revolt. Jean de Berry had so much confidence in the Limbourg brothers that he commissioned them to create a new and unique book of hours. This manuscript would later come to be known as Les Belles Heures de Jean, duc de Berry.

The Duke of Berry gave Paul Limbourg a magnificent house in Bourges as a way of keeping this talented artist in his service. The brothers continued to advance, just as their uncle Jan Maelwael and his father Willem had done earlier, until they became a part of the Duke's inner circle. They continued their climb, becoming courtiers in the court of Jean de Berry, who, after commissioning them to create the book of hours Les Belles Heures, commissioned a book of hours that would outshine all others - the so-called Très Riches Heures. Jean de Berry died in 1416; shortly thereafter the Limbourg brothers also died, leaving the manuscript incomplete.

gebroeders Van Limburg