the Limbourg brothers gebroeders Van Limburg
gebroeders Van Limburg

Design: LaVerbe

Lost sons

The Nijmegen origin of the Limbourg brothers is indisputable; the abundance of source material, unique for that period of history, speaks for itself. Even so, these artists, the greatest that Nijmegen has ever produced, have never been given the place they so richly deserve. The city government, museums, the university, the library and other cultural institutions and organisations have rarely conferred on them their rightful consideration and respect.

Several explanations for this oversight have been offered. The name Limbourg does not immediately identify the Nijmegen origin of the brothers. Moreover, their paintings have always been viewed as an offshoot of French art, rather than viewing them in the context of their Gelre background. Finally, their work has only relatively recently been accessible.

The time has come to give the Limbourg brothers their rightful place in Nijmegen. Starting in 2005, attention from all quarters will be focused on these great artists. A magnificent international exhibition of original Limbourg brothers work on loan from collections around the world will be on view in their birthplace within its appropriate context. An array of publications will draw attention to the relationship between the Limbourg brothers and Nijmegen. And through a variety of media the special bond between Nijmegen and her artistic sons will be commemorated in a more permanent way, commensurate with their stature. In short, exactly 600 years after the Limbourg brothers served at the court of Jean, Duke of Berry, Nijmegen will wrap her lost sons in her loving arms and hold them close to her heart...

gebroeders Van Limburg