the Limbourg brothers gebroeders Van Limburg
gebroeders Van Limburg

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The end

Until recently, only a handful of the world's greats and a few privileged specialists had ever seen the original of this queen of Medieval manuscripts. In the spring of 2004 the original manuscript was publicly displayed for the first time in a very long time, and then only briefly. It is once again safely locked away in a vault; now visitors to Chantilly see, as before, a sparsely illuminated double page from a facsimile of Les Très Riches Heures, with a brief explanation. In the museum shop visitors can find a vast array of merchandise related to the famous manuscript. It is much the same in New York, where the Limbourg brothers' manuscript also gives rise to reproductions of their work on everything from pencils to business card holders, diaries, and even earrings.

Both of these famous manuscripts frequently play a role in publications, though in most cases the geniuses who created the manuscripts remain inconspicuous, playing second fiddle to the work itself or its patron.

gebroeders Van Limburg