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Orosius Master

(together with the Bedford Master and the Boucicaut Master)
Breviary of Louis de Guyenne, summer portion
A monk reads the Office of the Dead over a corpse
Paris, c.1413
Tempera, gold and ink on parchment
Coll. Châteauroux, Médiathèque municipale Équinoxe

This richly illuminated breviary was made for the French Dauphin (i.e. crown prince), Louis de Guyenne. The miniatures were applied by three different illuminators, whose work often derives from compositions by the Limbourg brothers. An example of this can be seen in the miniature illustrating the breviary texts for the deceased. A monk recites the Office of the Dead over a corpse in a church cemetery. This unusual theme is taken from the Belles Heures, in which a comparable miniature illustrates this text.

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